How to Start Living The Simple Life Today!
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  • How to Start Living The Simple Life Today!

    Are you ready to live the life you want, instead of the life you’ve been told to live? 

    Welcome to The Simple Life. Founder, public speaker, and best-selling author Gary Collins has successfully done a complete reboot of his life and is giving you a roadmap to help you do the same to yours. He stepped away from the daily grind and consumer culture into a simple, rewarding, and peaceful lifestyle – and you can too.

    How to Start Living The Simple Life Today Course


    This course will give you the tools you need to:

    • See daily improvement in your life
    • Be happier by changing your attitude and mental well-being
    • Have more financial freedom
    • Feel better and be healthier
    • Find satisfaction in your life by finding your purpose

    Gary has a widespread background working in health and fitness, military intelligence, federal law enforcement, is now a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, and is considered the go-to person in the area of life simplification. He holds an AS degree in Exercise Science, BS in Criminal Justice, and MS in Forensic Science. He has experience teaching at the University College level and has been involved in health and fitness for almost four decades. He’s very happy to be able to present this course to you with ideas and methods that have already helped out tens of thousands of people worldwide. 

    Choose to step away from the typical “widget in, widget out” lifestyle.

    Our daily routine is inundated with input, pressure, expectations, information, stressors, data, noise, etc. Some of this input is positive, but a lot of it is detrimental to our well-being. We are constantly given a “quick fix” for our health, finances, and happiness. Our current culture makes it very hard to step away from this “widget in, widget out” lifestyle. If you’re tired of quick fixes that don’t work, this course is for you. 

    Simplify your life, build your habits from the ground up and start on the path to success.

    The Simple Life lifestyle is based on just that, simplicity. While that sounds awfully easy, it’s a difficult process to do on your own without a solid plan. Let this course give you the principles and foundation that you need to achieve your simple and rewarding lifestyle. This course will teach you how build your life anew, from the ground up, which in turn will improve your habits, and in the long run put you on the path of success.

    The Five Key Principles:

    Gary goes over his Five Key Principles in detail. He explains what they are and why they are principles that should guide you every day in everything you do. He also goes over how to apply them to your current habits and lifestyle. He shows you how to find your own rhythm in life and how to step away from feeling that you need to dance to someone else’s tune.  The Simple Life Principles for Success are:

    1. Knowledge is Power

    2. Avoid Extremes

    3. Keep it Simple

    4. Something is Better Than Nothing

    5. Take Action Today and Every Day

    The Three-Legged Stool:

    Gary’s Three-Legged Stool is a concept that is the absolute foundation of The Simple Life. If you don’t have your health, wealth, and purpose in order, you don’t have your freedom or your happiness. Gary talks about why these things are important, how they tie into the Five Key Principles, and how to pursue improving them. The Simple Life Three-Legged Stool is:

    1. Finding Your Optimal Health

    2. Finding Your Financial Freedom

    3. Finding Your Life Purpose

    You control your life! Never stop chasing your better you.

    Focus on the things that matter and stop worrying about the things that don’t matter. You determine the outcome of your life. In the end, it is about you controlling your destiny.

    Buy this course now. Apply it to everything and use it every day. It is the core of everything that Gary teaches. Listen to the course, take notes, and remind yourself often. Print out the Five Key Principles and the Three-Legged Stool and put them somewhere you can see them every day. 

    Never stop chasing your better life. The work never ends – there’s always a way for you to keep moving forward and take one step after another. 

    It’s out there waiting for you, go get it.  

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    How to Start Living The Simple Life Today Course


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