How to Finance Your Off-Grid Home and Property
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  • How to Finance Your Off-Grid Home and Property

    You’ve made the decision to pull the trigger and live the simple life. You’re ready to step away from the “widget in, widget out” day-to-day, and enjoy the peace of mind that going off-the-grid can provide. You’ve chosen your destination and found your perfect property. You’re ready to apply for your loan, start packing your bags and take a deep breath of relief.

    How to Finance Your Off-Grid Home and Property Course


    They never tell you about this…

    What you may not be prepared for is how nearly impossible it is to find a traditional loan that will finance your off-grid property without the right steps. It’s not as easy as grabbing a quick home loan on a cookie-cutter house. Funding problems can bring your whole project to a jolting, screeching halt very quickly.

    Don’t waste hours of frustration and thousands of dollars applying for loans, only to be denied with every turn and get nowhere closer to your dream.

    Remember, that dream of a simpler life with that added benefit of uncoupling you from the shaky system.

    But it can be done with the right knowledge and wisdom

    Guided by someone who has been there and successfully done that…

    Best-selling author Gary Collins personally went through this exact process. He got tired of the rat race that is the “American dream”. He was grinding through a job in a big city, working sixty hours a week, and commuting way too many hours just to pay a mortgage that didn’t make any sense.

    Finally, enough was enough…

    So, he sold the majority of his belongings, downsized his living space, and started his search for the perfect off-grid property. When he found that property, he had to navigate through these exact financial roadblocks. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was rather aggravating.

    But where there is a will, there is a way. Gary persisted and did not give up on his dream. With some dogged determination and his federal investigator’s mind, he figured out how to get it done without the headaches, wasted time, lost money, and heartaches of a nearly dashed dream.

    Now, he has been happily living on his off-grid property for several year, and has more adventures in the works.

    Making it simple…

    Best of all, he is excited to pass that on to you so that you don’t have to struggle through the same mistakes that he did! He’s helped thousands of people all over the world do the exact same thing with a simple and repeatable process. Gary’s years of knowledge will help you:

    • Save money by knowing what pitfalls to avoid
    • Learn the precise steps and order to keep your dream alive
    • Save time by knowing exactly what sources to go to first

    This online course will answer all your questions and prepare you for the financial ins and outs of going off-the-grid. Don’t get tripped up by financial blunders, take this course and make your going off-the-grid journey the positive and rewarding experience that it should be.

    This course will teach you:

    • Why banks are uncomfortable with giving a traditional loan on an off-grid property
    • Why it’s important to save and pay cash if at all possible
    • Nontraditional ways to pay for your project
    • What to expect while shopping for loans and financing options
    • Things to watch out for that could save you money and help you pay less
    • How to get creative with different types of debts and come out ahead in the long run
    • What building practices can get you into hot water fast and how to avoid them
    • Why patience is the key to success

    Buy this course now – go through it, take notes, go through it again, and apply your newfound knowledge when you make your perfect property happen right. Your simple life is waiting, don’t let the fact that you want something out of the ordinary stop you from getting the financing that you need! 

    Course Instructor

    Gary Collins, MS Gary Collins, MS Author

    How to Finance Your Off-Grid Home and Property Course


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