How To Find Your Dream Off Grid Property
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  • How to Find Your Dream Off-Grid Property

    You’ve decided enough is enough. Now is the time to unplug, decouple from the system, simplify your life, and de-stress. Your ready to give a middle finger to the fast-paced, consumer-driven, politically charged, daily grind that is dictated by the grid-masters and powers that be.

    The challenge: find a new and simple way of being that offers freedom, independence, and reward. Going off-the-grid is calling to you and you’ve started dreaming about your very own property and beautiful slice of heaven. 

    How to Find Your Dream Off-Grid Property Course


    BUT, you’re not exactly sure what state and city to choose, what to look for in a property, how to finance your dream, or even how to start. Not to mention this is going to be one of the largest investments you’ve ever made.

    Did you know some cities and states have laws and building codes that can make building off-grid a nightmare?

    Don’t waste time and money because you jumped without looking...

    Pulling the trigger on a property without knowing exactly what you need and want can end in lost money, embarrassment, and even heartbreak. You may end up wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on land that in the end won’t even work for the off-grid set up of your dreams.

    You need a seasoned guide and plan…

    Best-selling author and former federal agent, Gary Collins was in this exact position you are in right now over a decade ago. He decided to get out of the rat race and made a complete lifestyle change. He streamlined his life and went through these exact steps to find his very own off-grid property. Since then, he’s taught these steps to others so they could experience the same success.

    This process works. In fact, it works so well, he used it a second time for his latest property and is planning on utilizing it a third time in the future! It is the same process he’s about to walk you through in this course.

    Hit the ground running with confidence…

    When Gary first started looking for his perfect property, he made mistakes, hit roadblocks, and had to start over. You can hit the ground running by getting all that wisdom packaged together in this easy to consume self-paced online course. It even includes five worksheets to help you be as prepared as possible.

    This course will teach you how to:

    • Find the perfect property and WHY this is critical (more than you even know right now) for your success
    • Easily build a budget that works for you 
    • Efficiently conduct research like a pro to find the perfect location free of hassle and government overreach
    • Expertly pick the right people for your team by identifying the good and bad Real Estate agents (many merely focus on pushing paper and getting you to buy regardless of your needs)
    • Save thousands of dollars with special financing tactics by leveraging banks and foreclosures
    • Buy a property with all the resources that you’ll need for your off-grid dream

    Get advice, direct answers, and tips you might not otherwise consider:

    • Do you need to travel?
    • Do you have medical conditions to consider?
    • What climate do you want? What are the implications of this?
    • What off-grid resources do you want to utilize? What are your options? Which ones SHOULD you avoid and which should you utilize?

    Your well considered plan starts now…

    Buy the course now, do the worksheets, and then use that clarity and direction to find your slice of off-grid heaven. Join the dozens (if not hundreds) of people that have successfully used Gary’s advice to take a step toward their better life and find their perfect off-grid property.

    This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. No strings. No nonsense. No shenanigans. You have nothing to lose, and a well-executed escape from dependence and even over-crowded cities to gain.

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    How to Find Your Dream Off-Grid Property Course


    My courses come with a 7 day money-back guarantee. No strings. No nonsense. No shenanigans. You have nothing to lose, and a well-executed escape from dependence and even over-crowded cities to gain.M

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