The How-To Master Course for Going Off-The-Grid
  • Lessons

    • Introduction
      • Introduction to the Course
    • Mastering Off Grid Life
      • Optimizing
      • Finding Your Dream Land
      • A – Z Project Budgeting
      • Property Infrastructure
      • Construction Options
      • Equipment and Tools
      • Security Considerations
    • Conclusion & Next Steps
      • What Living Off-Grid Really Means
      • Off Grid Bonus Lesson
      • Final Thoughts
  • The How-To Master Course for Going Off-The-Grid

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    Do you feel like you are a slave to your mortgage, bills, and “stuff”? Are you tired of being told to keep on struggling because “they” say that’s just life — it’s what you need to do to be successful? Do you work long days, sit in maddening traffic, and get home exhausted, only to turn around and do it over… and over… and over again?

    Why does it HAVE to be that way?

    The How-To Master Course for Going Off-The-Grid

    $499.95 or $47.00 / month for 12 months

    Your days shouldn’t be a hopeless grind. Something has to give, and you’re looking to escape. You deserve a life free of servitude, nonsense, and noise. Going remote and off-grid looks like an answer to your prayers.

    You want to make a change, and you’re ready. But there is so much to know and do that you’ve never done before. Plus, this is a BIG commitment, and you’re just not exactly sure how to go about it.

    Finally, find freedom and peace of mind

    Going off-the-grid is a fantastic way to break the chains that are holding you hostage, but it is a difficult and involved process… to do correctly. You can have freedom and peace of mind on your very own off-grid property, but it takes a lot of forethought and planning.

    Jumping in without being prepared and a trusted guide is a sure way to disaster.

    Straight from the experience of best-selling author and former federal agent, Gary Collins…

    Best-selling author and former federal agent Gary Collins has written the most popular and definitive book for beginners on going off-the-grid. This course walks you through the lessons shared in Going Off the Grid, with added information and extra insight straight from Gary himself. This course will bring up the important questions (and others you may not have even thought of) and help you find the answers.

    Don’t lose time and money

    You’ll need property. Where will you buy it and how will you pay for it? What type of resources will you utilize? Water, septic, sewage, wind, hydro, geothermal, internet, phone access, etc., all pose questions that you will need to answer before you pull the trigger on your off-grid project. Do you know your current power usage? Do you know how to calculate solar power output based on your area and needs? Moving forward without a plan can be costly and frustrating.

    Complicated tasks and concepts made easy to understand

    This thorough and carefully crafted self-paced online course presents everything for you in simple to understand layman’s terms. (Your mother could take this course and get it.) It’s a great way for a beginner to learn all they need to start right, execute like a pro, and be comfortable living off-grid. 

    This complete course will teach you how to:

    • Get “decluttered” and why its an important first step
    • Review and consider your health living off-grid
    • Find the perfect property and WHY this is critical (more than you even know right now) for your success
    • Keep from losing your shirt and save money with the ideal property
    • Easily prepare a no-stress budget that works for you
    • Off-grid construction 101 and things to watch out for
    • Tips on how to choose a contractor and negotiate a contract with them like an expert
    • Understand and pick the right types of construction for your exact situation and house
    • Pick the best water, power, and septic systems
    • What equipment and tools are needed
    • Off-grid security to keep you safe and how to set it up (did you know Gary was a Special Agent in the US Diplomatic Security Service? One of the DSS’s primary responsibilities is the security of US Embassies overseas.
    • What to expect with living off-the-grid and a big lifestyle change

    The best part is that Gary has been living this life for almost a decade. He’s not an overnight self-proclaimed expert or academic with no real-world experience.

    You’ll be getting information and suggestions from someone who has not only already done all the research over a period of many years, but is living the lifestyle that he is teaching. He’s already hit all the issues, experienced all the woes, and figured out a way around them so you don’t have to.

    Now you have access to both his knowledge and experience, in one online course!

    How about a big leg up?

    As a special bonus, I’m including the preliminary architectural documents I had drawn up. These are the very same documents I initially used.

    These would normally cost you $1,200 — minimum. That’s more than double the cost of your tuition in the The Simple Life How-To Master Course for Going Off The Grid.

    But you get them as a bonus included with your course! (How’s that for over-delivering?)

    You can use these as your jumping off point for your off-grid dream home.

    Get started now…

    If you’re thinking about making the leap to off-grid, buy this course now! Do the worksheets and make your plans, knowing that you’ve thought of everything, are prepared, and have done your research. Don’t start your journey without it. 

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    Gary Collins, MS Gary Collins, MS Founder and Instructor

    The How-To Master Course for Going Off-The-Grid

    $499.95 or $47.00 / month for 12 months

    My courses come with a 7 day money-back guarantee. No strings. No nonsense. No shenanigans. You have nothing to lose, and a well-executed escape from dependence and even over-crowded cities to gain.M

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