Cheese, Could it be the Secret to a Long Life?

(Newhope360) Chances are, you’ve likely heard of the French paradox: Despite French people’s tendency to eat foods high in Cheese, Could be the Secret to a Long Life - Primal Power Methodsaturatedfats, such as cheese, foie gras, butter and pastries, and to drink copious amounts of wine, they have low rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD). One study by the Wine Institute said that the French drank 45.7 liters of wine per capita in 2010, while Americans drank a paltry 9.42 liters per capita in the same year.

While light-to-moderate wine consumption has been linked to lower risk of inflammation, heart disease, and in rare cases lower risk of cancer (possibly due to the anti-aging compound resveratrol), new research theorizes that stinky French cheese may be to thank for lower rates of cardiovascular mortality in French people.

The study, published this month in the journal Medical Hypotheses, examines the possibility that cheese, particularly fermented cheeses (such as Roquefort, Bleu d’Auvergne and Camembert), “may contribute to the occurrence of the ‘French paradox’.”


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