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Are Tiny Homes a Scam?

The primary reasons these tiny homes are popular has to do with them being mobile like a travel trailer but cheaper than a standard home. Makes sense right? But, just like anything trendy, there is usually hype and little substance behind the claims.

How To Develop Good Habits For Success

If there is one thing that will define you as a person, it is your Habits. Moreover, if there is one thing that will determine whether you live a life of integrity, it’s your Habits.

How I Began to Declutter My Life

As I have aged, I have become more disenchanted with, and disengaged from that type of living. Urban living is not a bad lifestyle; it’s just not for me anymore. Too much noise, too much drama, and too much of all the mental and material clutter made for a sad Gary!

The Five Principles of Optimal Health

It’s important to strive for what is realistic rather than idealistic. In this spirit, The Simple Life Healthy Lifestyle Plan follows five truth-based, real-world principles designed to keep you on track. These form the practical foundation of The Simple Life concept as a whole, not just regarding health:

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