Are You Willing To Endure Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain?

As I have just released my third book, and the year isn’t even half way over I have been getting some questions primarily, “you are working really hard how are you living the simple life you describe in your teachings?” I will say that is a very fair question, and I have an honest answer, as always, no BSing in Gary land 🙂 Some people misconstrue The Simple Life, as a way of life that doesn’t require hard work, while some think you just hangout all day in your bathrobe waiting for people to feed you grapes. Luckily, most people who follow me are motivated to make a change for the better in their life and understand hard work is required. But there have been a some here and there squawking “oh the way you did it is really expensive I’ll never be able to afford that” or “I can’t do what you did” insert any of numerous excuses here. I will guarantee with that attitude you will not be able to live the life you want. I have a saying:

“It is much easier to criticize others and make excuses than it is to be creative and come up with solutions to your problems.” 

So if you find yourself trolling social media posts to leave negative comments or leaving scathing book reviews to get your frustration out, you need to stop it. You need to focus that energy on changing your life, not complaining and crapping all over people you don’t even know.

With anything in life that involves changing for the better, there will definitely be some pain involved. So this year I have dedicated myself to being a successful author, which means I need to put my butt in gear and get things done. I made the decision I would take on a pretty hectic schedule this year in order to benefit my business and my life for the longer term. I will probably accomplish more this year than most authors would do in five years, but the possible reward is well worth it. I have found these short term sacrifices is what separates the doers from the excuse makers. Just like building my off the grid house, I made the life decision to sacrifice income and growth in my business for a couple years in order to get the project done. It isn’t always about the mighty dollar.

It boils down to what is your pain threshold? Simply, how much pain are you willing to endure to further your life endeavors? That old saying comes to mind – “no pain, no gain.” Here is another crucial point – when you do something you are passionate about a great deal of the time it doesn’t even feel like work. Why else would be here pounding out this blog post on Easter Sunday? Because I want to, no one is forcing me to do this. There is also another benefit of working on my own terms, days are just days. I don’t give holidays or weekends any special consideration. When I feel I need to take some time off, well, I take some time off.

I have received a lot of emails in the last six months telling me how envious people are of my life, and they are fascinated about how I did it. It is pretty simple a lot of short term pain for long term gain, you should have seen that coming 🙂 I’m not going to lie, I get a little uncomfortable when I realize people are truly interested in how I live. It is simply my life, no angle or thought process on how to make it interesting to others, this is it I do it everyday. If no one was buying my books or paying attention, nothing would change I would live exactly the same way.

So it boils down to if you are willing to make some sacrifices now in order to make your life better in the future. I have found most people are just not willing to make any sacrifices… they just want the easy button, don’t be that person. The time is now, start making changes no matter how small they are today, and then another one tomorrow… on and on. Next thing you know you are healthy, debt free, and living the life you want. If you are unwilling to put in the short term pain, there will be no long term gain. You can wish and hope all you want there are no unicorns or pots of gold at the end of rainbows!

Below is a little motivation showing the reward from my short term sacrifices – the view my black lab Barney and I have each night on our hikes and bike rides. Remember I have no special powers if I can do it anyone can!

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4 thoughts on “Are You Willing To Endure Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain?”

  1. dennis campbell

    Listened to your show this morning with G N and had a question. I am a prepper type. Have a 40 foot power boat and have solar and wind turbines. Only issue I see is if we have a EMP strike I am not sure my controllers would survive. Fortunately i have a generator that can work for many months. Have weapons and lot of dried food.Even have a short wave radie that uses a crank for power. The power plants for the boat are pre 1988 and are mechanical so the emp shouldnt keep them from running.Any suggestions on hardening the controllers? Just read the book, one second after, wow

  2. Quite a strong explanation to incremental success, Gary.
    I find the threshold for the discomfort level changes as you add in group members, either up or down. You not only get differing opinions and tolerances but competition and examples as well.

    I’m still working on your Decluttering book – it’s a very good read. I just want to finish it completely before leaving a full review.

    1. Hey Jeff,

      Thanks for the feedback about the latest blog post, as I agree you are who you surround yourself with. That is why I talk about in my Decluttering book if you want to get better at something you should surround yourself with people who are better than you at it. Glad you are enjoying the Decluttering book, and look forward to your review.

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