5 Steps To Getting Healthy In The New Year

5 Steps To Getting Healthy In The New Year

Yes, it is that time of year again when we make those New Years Resolutions that most will not follow through on or stick with. With that in mind here are 5 easy steps for you to stick with your New Year’s health goals.

1) Stop Making Excuses

1. Stop Making Excuses – Yep, just like you know what, everyone has one. Trust me working with clients I have heard them all, and most are pretty pathetic. The only excuse you have is you just aren’t doing it. As soon as you commit yourself mentally, and tell yourself you will make it happen no matter what… guess what it actually happens! I have told client after client unless you are mentally ready for change and committed to making it happen it doesn’t matter what I teach you, it will not work.

Matter of fact I spent years putting together all the information and making it as easy to follow as possible in my book The Simple Life Guide To Optimal Health: How to Get Healthy, Lose Weight, Reverse Disease and Feel Better Than Ever.

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2) Make Your Workout Routine Part of Your Dailly Schedule

If you don’t schedule it is not going to happen, I can’t make it any simpler than that. Your workout routine has to be a part of your day that you have put aside time for. If not you will say I’ll do it later and later never happens. So make sure to pick a part of the day that has the least amount of distractions that can derail you. The best times are in the morning before work, and at lunch.

3) Prepare Your Food Sunday For The Entire Week

This is one I have done a large part of my working life. There is no better way to fight off the temptation to eat something you shouldn’t during your workday than to have your food already prepared. Now obviously you will have to freeze most if not all your meals to make it through the week, so it is a good idea to have a really good insulated lunch box to take it with you.

4) Pace Yourself

The biggest mistake I see people make with starting a new health routine is starting out of the gate both guns blazing. By the time they have done it for a week or two straight they are already burned out. Making too much change at once is almost a guaranteed path to failure. To stay on track and committed start off at a slower pace and implement changes as you move along. More in likely you have spent decades doing it wrong, so it isn’t going to fix itself overnight.

5) Get Friend Or Family Member To Do It With You

It always easier and more fun when you have someone else to share in the same goals. When you try and do it all alone you can feel like you are on an island all by yourself. Plus most of us have a little competitive streak in us, so a little healthy competition can make you and everyone involved better for it.

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