Ep 149: The War on Small Business – Best-Selling Author Carol Roth

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About Carol Roth:

Carol Roth is a content creator, “recovering” investment banker, author of The War on Small Business, entrepreneur, TV pundit and host, and New York Times bestselling author of The Entrepreneur Equation.

She has worked in a variety of capacities across industries, including currently as an outsourced CCO, as a director on public and private company boards and as a strategic advisor. She advocates for small business, small government and big hair.

Carol Roth’s experience overlaps content creation, on-camera and in-person hosting, finance, business, economics, pop culture and even comedy.

On the content side, Carol is a national media personality, with more than a dozen years of on-camera expertise. Formerly, she has been a judge on the Mark Burnett-produced technology competition series, America’s Greatest Makers, on TBS and the Host of Microsoft’s Office Small Business Academy show, as well as a panelist on Fox Business’s Bulls & Bears and CNBC’s Closing Bell.

Topics Discussed:

  • What was the motivation for Carol to write “The War on Small Business.”
  • What is the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism.
  • Why small businesses are the backbone of the US and the world economies.
  • When did the war on small business start and what caused it.
  • How Covid-19 was the perfect opportunity for the federal gov to pic winners and losers.
  • How it was possible for the biggest companies to grow at record rates even while the economy was struggling during Covid-19.
  • Why the fed gov detests small businesses.
  • What/where is Davos, and why it is so important to the super rich and elite in the world.
  • Why we sent our critical med supplies to China during Covid-19. 
  • Why almost none of the stimulus (CARES Act) money went to small businesses.
  • What is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and why did 75% of it go to big biz.
  • Why have interest rates been low for so long and the damage that is doing to long-term economy.
  • How BlackRock has profited big time through crony capitalism.
  • What are Zombie Companies and how do they inhibit start-ups.
  • How big biz and the fed gov are deep inside the pocket of China.

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